Instructions for applying for The Vennard Gilmore Scholarship - 2018

The Scholarships
Two or more scholarships will be awarded for the academic year beginning fall 2018.
Each scholarship will be not less than $1,000.

Eligibility Requirements
An eligible applicant for this scholarship --
is currently attending or has graduated from an accredited high school.
is intending to attend college or a post-graduate program during 2018 as a full time student (minimum of 12 credit hours).
is an alumnus of Vennard or is a relative of a Vennard alumnus (an alumnus is anyone who has attended or taught at one of the Vennard colleges)

Submission Instructions
1. Complete the Application Form online:
  a. Fill in all the information on the application form.
  b. At the end of the form, you will type a letter that you compose, addressed to the Vennard College Alumni Association, including a personal testimony. Tell us in your own words about your experience as a Christian, your plans or ideas for the future, and ways you can see God using your life and talents. The letter should be the equivalent of one typed page.
  Students currently attending high school, click HERE
  College students, click HERE
  Graduate students, click HERE
2. Submit a reference from a person outside your family, such as your pastor, high school administrator, teacher or community leader. We would like this letter to inform us about your commitment to your Christian beliefs, your characteristics and strengths, and your personality. We want to know why the person writing your letter believes you are a good candidate for the scholarship.
    Click HERE for the page where the letter can be typed
    The letter can be emailed to
3. Email one of the following:

if for fall 2018 the applicant will be a college freshman, or beginning a graduate program -
provide a copy of the letter of acceptance to the school you will be attending

if for fall 2018 the applicant is continuing her or his education at the same school they have been attending -
provide a copy of your current course schedule

    Email to
Reminder - The application must be submitted no later than April 10, 2018.

Scholarship Award Announcement
Scholarship announcements will be made by June 1, 2018.
The Vennard College Alumni Association will contact the colleges the recipients will be attending to make funding arrangements. When we have received confirmation that the student has enrolled for fall semester classes, the payment will be made to the college on behalf of the recipient.