Our VCAA Missionaries

Missionaries Links and Contact Information
Sandy & LeRoy Anderson Email: leroy.anderson@wgm.org
  Blog/Newsletter: Anderson's Attic
Bob & Brenda Bagley Email: rbagley112@gmail.com     brenda.bagley2@gmail.com
  Website: http://www.gpafrica.org/missionaries/bob-a-brenda-bagley.html
  FaceBook*: Bagley Backers
Becky & Sam Barber Email: Becky: becbarber@hotmail.com
    Sam: slbisme@hotmail.com
Website: www.belizebarbers.org
  FaceBook*: www.belizebarbers.org
Bryan & Molly Canny Email: bryanandmollyc@gmail.com
  Website: EvangelicalChurch missions site
Sharon & Larry Carr Email: Larry.Carr@wgm.org
Website: www.wgm.org/Page.aspx?pid=1049
Don & Eunice Coffman Email: Eunice: arizonagirl1958@hotmail.com
    Don: elsmco@msn.com
Niki (Lanz) & Gordon Elliott Email: goelliott@cotas.com.bo
Jenny (Cox) & Troy Gentry Email: troygentry4@hotmail.com
Blog Newsletter: Disciples of All Nations
  FaceBook*: Gentrys Mission to Mexico
Laura & Gary Griffin Email: garylauragriffin@hotmail.com
  Website: http://www.wgm.org/griffin
Kenneth & Delight Hopson Email: ken.hopson@wgm.org
  Blog: dee-lifeworthliving.blogspot.com
  FaceBook*: Delight Hopson
Twana & Dennis Johnson Email: Twana: twana.johnson@wgm.org
    Dennis: dennis.johnson@wgm.org  
David, Rachel, Micah and Leah Kerney Email: david.kerney@wgm.org
  Website: www.wgm.org/kerney
Carol (Klodt) & David Kochendorfer Email: cdbrazil@juno.com
FaceBook*: David Royal Kochendorfer
Marion Lewton Email: GENELEWT@aol.com
Kay & Leroy Lindsey, Jr. Email: Leroy-kayleroy65@gmail.com       Kay-kaylindsey95@gmail.com
Toy (Marshall) & Elson Mast Email: elson.mast@wgm.org
  Website: www.wgm.org/mast
Don & Glenda Moon Email: don.moon@wgm.org       glendacmoon@gmail.com
  Website: www.wgm.org/page.aspx?pid=2692
Tim & Shirley Roehl Email: troehl@onemissionsociety.org      sroehl@onemissionsociety.org
  Website: http://www.TimRoehl.net
Anna & Ernie Smith Email: ernie.smith@wgm.org
Joel & Pam Tooley Email: jtooley@nazarene.org


Kristy (Secor) & Brad Weinert Email: brad.weinert@wgm.org
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