In Support of our Missionaries

  If you've lost touch with your college friends serving as missionaries, this is the place to find them. As our missionaries continue their work, they need us to continue ours -- prayer, finances, and keeping in touch.

The VCAA Missionaries List includes websites, blogs and email addresses for our VC missionaries. Check in with some of them now, and let them know they have your support.
  For brief bios, click on the names. Or click the contact links to read more and/or get in touch with our missionaries.

VCAA Missionaries List  

  We would like to add your information to the list --

If you are currently serving with a missions organization, and you attended any of the schools of Vennard, we want to post your information and links here so your friends can find and support you. (If you are a retired missionary, we'd like to post your contact information too.)

Email us your information at
Include the same details you see posted above -- names, email/web links, a 3-4 sentence bio. If you would like your photo included on the map, you can either attach a photo or indicate where we can download one.