Calling All Quartets

Hear the 1950 Evangels
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The Evangels, The Jordonaires, Higher Call -- just a few of the male quartets that were a part of college tradition since CHU. And in the early 60s, there was a Women's quartet, the Clarions.

At Reunion 2012, we'd like to hear our quartets again. If you were a member of any of the, plan to join us at the Reunion and sing in a men's ensemble.

Be sure to email us at so we can keep you updated on the music, practice times, etc.
  Quartet Message Board

We know you have great stories from your quartet days, and we would love to have you share them with us. We have just added a message board where you can post your quartet memories.

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Quartet Photo Gallery
We have assembled a few photos of quartets. We'd like more photos, and captions/names for the photos shown below. If you have photos or audio/video that we can add to this page, or information about these photos, please email us at and we'll add your info.

Check back in March for audio from some of the early Evangels quartets.

CHU Quartet, 1907:"Drake quartet wouldn't sing after our boys had sung."

from 1963 "Vision"

Marvin Asfahl, Gene Carroll, Carl Smith, John Rosenberger
Carl Smith remembers that this photo
was taken at Sybenga's Stucio

Jim Doll, Ben Bellus, Dick Klein, Walt Rothfuss


1961-62 Evangels
Bill Goold, Lloyd Hanton, Samuel Espinosa, Carl Smith


from 1964 "Vision"

Ben Bellus and Mary (Rearick) Bellus, Jim Doll and Bonnie (Houg) Doll, Sue and Merne Harris, Dick Klein and Lois (Schwarz) Klein. Walt Rothfuss and Evelyn (Hampton) Rothfuss

see the Quartet Message Board for
Mrs. Harris's memories of this photo

"The Clarions: Lily Nighswonger, 1st soprano; Kay Donna Cooper, 2nd soprano; Mryna Snyder, 1st alto; Thelma Eldred, 2nd alto; Claire Cargill, pianist. In 1960 we travelled to Nevada; North Dakota; South Dakota representing the school. We were allowed to use the Harri's car during that time to travel to the campmeetings we were booked at."