Message from Jim Anderson, the Ministries Director of the VCAA --

One of my greatest memories of my time at Vennard was participating in many "concerts of prayer". Prayer was not just taught in the classrooms, but we had countless opportunities to exercise our faith and watch as our Great God answered our request. The alumni association has spent countless hours planning and preparing for the Reunion "Beyond the Centennial". We know that everything we have planned must be anointed with God's blessings or they are just events that will take place.

We are calling on our Vennard family and friends to join us in a "concert of prayer" as we finalize the plans for the reunion. We are asking you to pray specifically for these three request, 1) for the alumni board as we make final preparations, 2) for those who are making plans to attend the reunion, 3) for the reunion on June 14th -17th.

We look forward to a great time as family and friends of Vennard, but we also believe that Our God has a greater work to do in the lives of His people, and we want to ready to receive the blessing He has ready to bestow on us.
Thank you on behalf our the alumni association. We covet your prayers.

Please email us at and let us know you are joining us in prayer for the Reunion.