To use the Givelify App, you'll download the app and setup your account.
In future you can then use the app for any donations to VCAA.

1.  Open the App Store or Google Play on your phone or tablet,
     search for "Givelify Mobile Giving App"

2. Open the App, and tap the Search tab

3.  Tap on "Place of Worship" and type Vennard

4.  Tap the Search button on your device's keyboard

5.  Vennard College Alumni Association will appear

6.  Tap the green "Give To" button

7.  Our home page with the VC sign will appear

8.  Tap the green "Give" bar

9. Tap the amount you want to give;
    If you want, you can set up a recurring donation

10.Tap on the fund you are donating to-
      Scholarships, General Fund, Long-Term Investment, or Where Needed

11.Tap the "Give Now" green bar

The first time you use the app, you'll need to set up your account

1.  Tap the blue "Sign Me Up" button

2.  You can either log in with your Facebook account
     You can set up a new account:
          Enter your name, email address, and create a password
          Tap the blue button "Create my personal giving account"
          Tap the blue "Continue" button
          Enter your credit card information and your address information

3.  Tap the green "Give Now" button

4.  Tap the blue "Continue with donation" button

5.  You'll get a Donation Details page on your device; tap Done

6.  Check your email; you'll have a verification email from Givelify;
      You will also get a receipt by email