VCAA Now:
Alumni Gatherings

Arizona - March
There was a Vennard/WGM/EMC Get-Together at the Evangelical Methodist Church in Arizona City, AZ, hosted by alum Bob Perkins.

Southern California - October
While our VCAA President Tim Roehl and Shirley Roehl were visiting in SoCal, we got a few alums and friends together.

Topic of conversation - college stories of course - including but not limited to: demerits, vinegar pie, Open House (the message burned into the door with shaving cream), freshman behavior, and the toothbrush and the fish.

It's been suggested we have a page at this site where we can recall our favorite stories. What do you think?

    Diane Miltemore, Deb Foy, Sandy Harris, Shirley Roehl, Tim Roehl

Ken & Sue Brakefield
Gordon & Mary Fischer
Glenda & John Zimmer
John & Prudy Olson
Wendy Lum
Carol & Mike McPherson
Suzi & Doug Swarthout

Southern California
Deb Foy, Diane Miltemore
Kim & Chris Hoch
James Foy, Sandy Harris
Gordon Lum,
Alumni meet at a SoupPlantation in SoCal, with goodie bags for all.


National Reunion
class of 1960
Visit the Reunion 2012 page for photos and memories

Tennessee - Decaturville & Nashville - Sept. 14 & 15
Nancy Poston Brasher, Wendy Lum,
Betty Middleton Jobbins,
Becky & Heldur Nork, Wanda Gass Kinney

Rich Moore & Jan , Dwight Goodman,
Paul & Jedonna Amstutz,
Delores Carpenter, Nancy Poston Brasher &
Debbie Mumme Scales

Northern California - May 28th
Nancy Raley, Chester Lum, Loren
Judy Douglass (she came from Oregon!) Anita Lum Lizotte

Southern California  
Southern California gathering at Laguna Beach
View the video at Youtube