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Annual Campaign

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Meet Our 2016
Scholarship Recipients!
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and an update on our 2015 recipients

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Emily Desler Kylie Johnson Aaron Mast    

What's New here at

  Video at our Youtube Channel:   On the Heritage page:
    2007 Alumni Chapel, Instrumental Ensemble
2007 Alumni Chapel, Homecoming Choir
film of CEI campus
    Heart And Life Bulletin, with note mentioning
George Washington Carver lecture

Dr. Vennard profiled in "Not To Be Forgotten"

  New Photo Albums:   Publications:
    1944, 1946 Class Photos; 1975 Yearbook photos;
1978 Sr. class memos, exam; 1981 Yearbook photos;
1996 Photobook; 2007/08 college events;
Music Department Small Groups
    On the In Memory page, Dr. Morris's thoughts on "Today I Look For The Land Of Fadeless Day"

On the Education page, from Dr. Morris,
"Biblical Study - Great Men of the Old Testament"
Preview - Stories Forum:
  Tom Thurman remembers being called into the President's office...

Coming Next

  November - Thanksgiving & Christmas photo album
  December -  Ballot    
  January - Scholarship Applications accepted; Budget posted; Year Verses
  Spring - Stories Forum  
    Easter - "He Is Risen" greeting exchange
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