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He Is Risen
This is who shared the Easter greeting by email and Facebook.
  Robert Morris, Angela Dunbar Johnson, Robert Smith, Vivian Liddle, Timothy Graham, Paige Ann Conat, Robert Bacon, Kathy Parson Johnson, Tim Roehl, John Olson, Tim & Vickie Clemenson, Bethany Ball, Minda Kleman, Saraellen Johnston, Sandy Anderson, Tim Bauer, Sandy Harris, Shirley Roehl, Aubrey Does, Dwight Goodman, Donna Cope Barner, Gordon Fischer, Ruth Hall, Cindy Boettcher, Bethany Woodard, Deanne Dunbar Doll, Jeff Morris, Mary Fischer, LaDonna Bettenbrock-Abuyan, Jan Fischer, Terri Cross, John Gentry, Dave McGaffey, Amry Rieg, Tresa Ryun, Quinton Tschetter, Christy Morris Engbrecht, Debbie Penn, Steve Bagby, Brian Donley, Edna Zimmer, Tom Thurman, Wendy Lum, Patricia McDonald Schmidt, Brynda Zimmerman Edwins, Cheryl Early Will, Linette Olson Winger, Kathy Lundmark, Tammie Andersen, Larry Cardoza, Joel Baker, Richard Hopper, Heldur Nork, Diane Miltemore, Betth Chow, Deb Foy, Becky Barber, Joyce Anderson, Jen Agnew, Phyllis Hoyt, Mark Doll, Joy Boutakov, Tim Hawk, Jo Harris, Ben McQuese, Faith Shingledecker, Ted Drude, Larry Car, Sue Martin, Dennis Johnson, Don Hotz, Rich Mitchell, Paul Owens, Jenny Gentry, Linda Hulett, Sharon Cox, Ken & Sue Brakefield, Dale Holloway, Mary Barnes, Mary Ann Lewis, Ernie & Anna Smith, Jim & Olive Slye, Jeremy Geerdes, Doug & Suze Swarthout, Dorothy Anderson, Dale Barrett, Howard Ledford, James Anderson, Larry & Nancy Cardoza, David & Carol Kochendorfer

Festival of Praise - Year Verses 2016
The 2016 year verses are posted HERE and also there is an Archive of year verses on the page.
Note: If you sent in your verse, and it is not in the list, please send it again to
Our email server lost a month of emails, so please let us know if we need to add your verse.

Vennard Gilmore Scholarships

The application process for the Vennard Gilmore Scholarships is now open.
For application and instructions, click HERE

For bios of our 2015 scholarship recipients, visit the Scholarship Recipients page

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New And Updated

Gatherings Memories
Photos from alumni gatherings --
2009 S. California, 2011 Tennessee,
2011 N. California, 2013 Minnesota
coming soon - Iowa Gathering Oct 2015
CHU original campus postcard
VC link to "The Old Rugged Cross"

Photos Audio Publications
Hot Dog Shop Evangels President Vennard poem "Full Stature"
Seasons on Campus Calvary Express President Jessop, "Spiritual Security"
Thanksgiving & Christmas Melody of Love President Harris, "Humpty Dumpty" chpt 2
  Concert Choir  

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