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  The 2015 scholarship application process is now open.
  For details and forms, go to the Scholarships page.

Festival of Praise 2015 - Year Verses
A tradition here at the website since 1998, and a continuation of a long-standing college tradition, we invite you to share your Year Verse.

"For those who are new to our Festival of Praise, we began in 1998 as a continuation of the CEI-Vennard tradition of exchanging year verses at the beginning of each New Year. Originally that exchange took place in a variety of gatherings of the College family. Since 1998, the exchange has been by e-mail. Interested persons have forwarded their year verses to me, and I have compiled those verses in a composite report sent to all who have participated. We are now able to post these emails at the Alumni Association website, so that we can share the experience the blessings of Festival of Praise with others of our wonderful College family."         
Dr. Merne Harris, 2004
You can email us your year verse at
For encouragement and blessings, read through the Archive of Year Verses.

2014/15 Alumni Involvement Campaign Board vote is
concluded; view the Leadership page.

Volunteers -- Goal Exceeded! Goal of 5 new volunteers, we have 7.

Donors -- Progress, but goal not quite met. Goal of 20 new donors; we have 12. During this year we are looking for 4 more people to donate $5 or more to the scholarship fund.

Board Directors -- Goal Exceeded!

Thanks so much for everyone who has shown support for the scholarship program, and for the activities of the VCAA.

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Alumni Gatherings
Sturgis, MI Area
Alumni in the area of Sturgis, MI are interested in organizing an event.
If you would like information about attending, email us as and we will forward your contact info to the organizers.  
Southern California
The SoCal alumni are planning to meet at Disneyland sometime in January or February.
If you are a CA alumnus, or would like to be one just long enough to join us for the day, send an email to and we'll let you know what we have planned and when.  
Northern California
Looking for alumni in the Redding CA area interested in getting together. Let us know.

Dr. Vennard
Thanks to alum Phil Nendel for locating and sharing with us some audio of Dr. Vennard's early music ministry, and a link to one of her writings, "The Revelation, a student's handbook.
click HERE for the Dr. Vennard page

Coming Next
  Easter "He Is Risen" greeting
We exchange emails with Mrs. Sue Harris, sharing the traditional Easter greeting. To be included in this mailing, email us at and ask to be added to the Easter greeting list.

To update your mailing or email address, send us the correct information at

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