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  Psalm 13:5,6 "But I trust in your unfailing love; my hear rejoices in your salvation; I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me."
  submitted in 2004 by Marion Lewton
  Updated 02/10/17
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VCAA / WGM / EMC Get-Together

There will be a Vennard/WGM/EMC Get-Together on

TUESDAY - MARCH 21st - 5:00 PM at ARIZONA EMC - at their fellowship hall. 

Evangelical Methodist Church
14350 South Overfield Road
Arizona City, Arizona 85123
It will be a POTLUCK!! 

BOB PERKINS is the contact person for directions, etc.  His phone number is 520-709-1539.    Here is the address for the church:
To help us plan, please respond if you are coming or if you are not coming.  And please share this information with others. Hope to see you all!

The Vennard-Gilmore Scholarships
  We are now accepting applications for the 2017 scholarships. View the Scholarships page for details and instructions.

Festival of Praise 2017 - Year Verses
A tradition here at the website since 1998, and a continuation of a long-standing college tradition, we invite you to share your Year Verse.

"For those who are new to our Festival of Praise, we began in 1998 as a continuation of the CEI-Vennard tradition of exchanging year verses at the beginning of each New Year. Originally that exchange took place in a variety of gatherings of the College family. Since 1998, the exchange has been by e-mail. Interested persons have forwarded their year verses to me, and I have compiled those verses in a composite report sent to all who have participated. We are now able to post these emails at the Alumni Association website, so that we can share the experience the blessings of Festival of Praise with others of our wonderful College family."         
Dr. Merne Harris, 2004
  You can email us your year verse at
  For encouragement and blessings, read through the Archive of Year Verses.
  Then check back at the end of February for this year's verses.

VCAA Business
  The election slate for 2017 has been voted into office.
View the VCAA Board Directors and Job Descriptions at the Leadership page.

The 2017 budget is posted at the VCAA Now page.

What's New here at

  Video at our Youtube Channel:   On the Heritage page:
    2007 Alumni Chapel, Instrumental Ensemble
2007 Alumni Chapel, Homecoming Choir
film of CEI campus
    Heart And Life Bulletin, with note mentioning
George Washington Carver lecture

Dr. Vennard profiled in "Not To Be Forgotten"

  New Photo Albums:   Publications:
    1944, 1946 Class Photos; 1975 Yearbook photos;
1978 Sr. class memos, exam; 1981 Yearbook photos;
1996 Photobook; 2007/08 college events;
Music Department Small Groups
    On the In Memory page, Dr. Morris's thoughts on "Today I Look For The Land Of Fadeless Day"

On the Education page, from Dr. Morris,
"Biblical Study - Great Men of the Old Testament"
Preview - Stories Forum:
  Tom Thurman remembers being called into the President's office...

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  Spring - Stories Forum  
  Easter - "He Is Risen" greeting exchange  


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