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Festival of Praise - Year Verses
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He Is Risen
"the Lord is Risen..."

"the Lord is risen indeed"
  Sharing our Easter greeting:

Jo (Goold) Harris
Paige Conat
Tim Roehl
Phyllis Hoyt
John & Prudy Olson
Sharon Cox
Jim Anderson
Howard Ledford
Doug & Susie Swarthout
Ben McQuese
Don Hotz
Dale Barrett

Dennis Johnson
Glenna Dorothy
Joy Boutakov
Mary Barnes
Dale Holloway
Ken & Sue Brakefield
Jeff Morris
Jan Fischer
Wendy Lum
Larry Carr
Shirly Roehl
Sandra Harris

Janice Cotrone
Minda Kleman
Bob Smith
Larry & Nancy Cardoza
Martin Waite

Festival of Praise - Year Verses
The year verses are posted:

Festival of Praise 2018

Video Chat Reunions

We're ready to set up a reunion for a group of your college friends.

Details at the In Touch page.
We've had our 1st video chat reunion, for Southview alums.

Class of 1958

Betty Lee Chow is looking for members of the Class of 1958. If you would like to get in touch with her, email us at, and we'll get you connected.

Story Board

new story posted 12/12/17 in
Administration Building

When our alumni get together, it doesn't take long
before we are re-telling our favorite stories.

We've begun a collection of these stories at
Story Board

You can read the stories already posted,
make comments,
and send us stories or you own to add.


Scholarship Program
The application process for 2018 scholarships is now closed.

Visit us this summer to meet the 2018 recipients.

2017 Scholarship Recipients
Meet the students who
have received our scholarships:
Scholarship Recipients


When we were students, alumni contributed
finances and prayer to support us.  Now it’s our turn. Go to the Support page.

Prayer for our Students
Each year, alumni volunteer to pray for our scholarship recipients. If you would like to add our students to your prayer list, email us at

Click HERE to vote for the 2018 VCAA Board.
VCAA Board - Vice President

We are adding the office of Vice President.  The person taking this office will become the President when the current President's terms have expired. The duties of the Vice President will be to participate in phone and email meetings, and to learn the duties of the president in preparation of becoming President eventually.

It is our privilege as a Board to provide leadership in dispensing scholarship funds, and keeping alumni connected with college friends. 

Please carefully and prayerfully consider
if you could fill the position of Vice President.

See details at the Leadership page

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