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A message from our new President

"The sun never sets on the ministry of Vennard College…" That continues to be true around the world!  The ministry of sharing Jesus through lives fueled by holy love continues through Vennardians like you and me…and all those we influence for Him! 

The mission of our Vennard College Alumni Association (VCAA):

* Carry on the legacy and ministry of Vennard College of bringing the abundant life of holy love of Jesus to our world.
* Facilitate fellowship, encouragement, shared learning and prayer for Vennardians around the world, continuing to grow Vennard’s strong sense of community.
* Use the financial resources we have to give scholarships to continue Vennard’s legacy of training leaders.
* Provide a place for Vennardians to share memories as well as access audio/visual resources from Vennard (messages, music, testimonies, practical jokes, etc).
* Share photos and memories though social media…connecting the generations of Vennardians.
We invite you to invest in the school and people who invested so much in us…extending the ministry and community of Vennard for the glory of God!

VCAA President, Tim Roehl

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Two years ago we announced that we were facing compliance goals in order to continue as a non-profit organization.  For the past two years, the VCAA membership has stepped up and met those goals.

We are now at year 3 of working our way to full compliance.  It remains true that – In order to continue as an organization, we must meet State of Iowa requirements.

These are the goals we need to achieve in 2016:

Board Directors - 10 candidates on slate Donating Membership - 65 donors Volunteerism - 40 volunteers

Where can you plug in to help achieve these goals?  

We have 9 Directors on the ballot. We would like to add at least one position this year.
  At the Leadership page we have job descriptions of current positions, and new positions including: Chaplain;  Finance Director -Annual Campaign;  Finance Director - Planned Donations;  Online Reunions; Database.
  Board meetings are conducted mostly by email; we have 1-2 video calls a year.
check back Dec. 1st for the Board ballot
  If you are interested in one of these positions, email us at
$5.00  Donation to scholarships, or to our long-term investment fund
  That’s all it takes to be an annual donor.  It is the number of donors that matters, not the size of the donation.  Of course, the fund won’t grow very fast at $5 each, so if you can do a little more to help students preparing for ministry, that would be appreciated too.
  You can contribute online or by writing a check. You also have the option of an automatic recurring payment.
  And, you'll be continuing a tradition begun in 1943; click Here to see the original award.
  Prayer Support -- Each year we have volunteers who pray for our scholarship recipients, for alumni requests, for the VCAA leadership;  if you can pray, you are a volunteer.
  Scholarship Recipients Support -- We have volunteers who send greeting cards to our students, to remind them we support them.
  Local Alumni Gatherings -- We want to increase the number of local meetings of alumni; volunteers help organize locations and make phone calls for meetings in their area.

We would like your response by December 1st. That gives you a few weeks to pray and think about what your involvement can be.

Be sure to visit our Scholarship Recipients page to find out how our Vennard tradition is continuing this year.

And then click over to this Response Form, and let us know how you can support our alumni association.

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Vennard Gilmore Scholarships

The application process for the Vennard Gilmore Scholarships is now open.
For application and instructions, click HERE

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Meet our 2015 Scholarship Recipients
Kaytlyn Hatch   Elise Roehl
Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN to finish my Senior year as a Liberal Studies Major concentrating in Music, Christian Ministry and Art   University of Northwestern-St Paul working on a Master of Organizational Leadership degree
2016 Scholarships
The 2016 scholarship application process will open December 1st. Check back then for information on how to apply.

For bios of our
2015 scholarship
recipients, visit the
Scholarship Recipients

New And Updated

Gatherings Memories
Photos from alumni gatherings --
2009 S. California, 2011 Tennessee,
2011 N. California, 2013 Minnesota
coming soon - Iowa Gathering Oct 2015
CHU original campus postcard
VC link to "The Old Rugged Cross"

Photos Audio Publications
Hot Dog Shop Evangels President Vennard poem "Full Stature"
Seasons on Campus Calvary Express President Jessop, "Spiritual Security"
Thanksgiving & Christmas Melody of Love President Harris, "Humpty Dumpty" chpt 2
  Concert Choir  

Coming Next
December: Scholarship application process opens VCAA Board Election
January: Year Verses  

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