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Evangels 1986
  "I'll Fly Away" "Swing Low" "Use Me Lord"
"Just A Little Talk" "Amen" "He Means All To Me"
  "That's When The Angels Rejoice" "Jesus Medley" "No Other Name"
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  Evangels December 16, 1987
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Track 02 Track 06 Track 10
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Track 04 Track 08  

  Vennard Choir & Concert Ensemble, 1984
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Calvary Express Melody of Love
  Calvary Express Tape - Side A   Symphony of Praise tape - Side A
  Calvary Express Tape - Side B   Symphony of Praise tape - Side B

  Calvary Express, Gospel Bluegrass, 1982.
Robert Mattson, Fred Santana, Rick Tooley, Teri Wagoner.
Coach - Jim Tooley.

Extensions Christlife Singers
  Extensions 73
Extensions 73
Freely, Freely
ChristLife 78
ChristLife 78
At The Cross
ChristLife 77
ChristLife 77
All In The Name Of Jesus
Christlife 76
ChristLife 76
Sweet Hour Of Prayer/
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  Christlife 75
ChristLife 75
Rejoice And Be Glad
Christlife 74
ChristLife 74
I'll Never Be The Same Again

  Dr. Merne Harris Inaugural messages of the Harris Holiness Lectureship, 1987

Message 1, "Trauma In Eden," with introduction of Lecture series from Dr. Robert Morris

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