Articles & Papers by Vennard and CEI Professors

Dr. Robert Morris
  Translation of Matthew 6:13 click HERE
  Translation of John 20:17  click HERE
  "Biblical Study - Great Men of the Old Testament"
    These could be personal devotional pieces or they could be used in a teaching setting.    click HERE
  "Praise the Beauty of Holiness"
    "In this message I want to set forth three truths that I firmly believe are absolutely essential for understanding the Biblical teaching on holiness..."     click HERE for complete text
  "New Testament Women in Ministry"
    " Many are the women involved in ministry, and varied are the types of ministry in which they found
involvement..."      click HERE for complete text
  "The Immortal, Invisible, Invincible God"
    "Call them “attributes” if you will. Call them vital “characteristics” of His divine personhood if you desire. By whatever words you choose to identify them, there are certain distinctives about God that blend quantity with quality, and by which we can learn life-changing truth about Him."      click HERE for complete text
  "The Man With The Miracle Ear"    
    "But there is one additional miracle that is recorded only in Luke’s Gospel record, but the setting for that miracle is included in all four Gospel records. It must have special significance!"     click HERE for complete text
  "The Attributes of God - Who He Is"
    "Biblical theologians use the term “attributes” to designate those essential elements which when thought
of as inherent in God constitute our idea of God, and by virtue of which God is what He is; that which
belongs to the Divine essence that together provide for us our concept of God."   click HERE for complete text

Dr. Merne A. Harris
  From Dr. Harris's "Sermon On The Mount" notebook, the "I'm OK, You're OK" series
    There are several sets of notes in the "Sermon On The Mount" notebook. These notes are typed, with handwritten additions. They are presented as they are in the notebook. Psychology of Religion students will note several points from that class. These particular notes are from a series presented on a South American tour for WGM.
    click for the notes -- PART 1      PART 2      PART 3      PART 4      PART 5      PART 6  
    (these are large files so allow a couple of minutes for download; you can save them to your computer for future access)
  "Humpty Dumpty And His Friends"
    We have posted here the first chapter of Dr. Harris's nursery rhyme series. The Harris family recently located the last few copies of the original publication of the book. What is posted here is a scan taken from the book.
    Story 1 - "The Original Bang Up Kid"         Story 2 - "What Do You Do When The Bones Are Gone"

Dr. Iva Durham Vennard
  "Full Stature"
    click HERE to read the poem

Dr. Harry E. Jessop
  "Spiritual Security"
    "It is the purpose of God that every soul who has responded to Christ's redemption claims should know the joy of unbroken union, and of constant communion with Him..."   click HERE for the booklet
  "I Met A Man With A Shining Face, an autobiography in the things of God "
    "The pages which follow embody a story which I have long desired to write. Its very nature has made it necessary for me to employ the first person singular, hence the constant use of the capital I which may seem to protrude. In using it, the only desire has been to explain a personal experience and thereby magnify the Lord Jesus who alone has performed this soul-renewing work..."
    click HERE for complete text

Mary Ella Bowie, B. D
  "An Introduction to Systematic Theology," excerpt
    "A true study of theology should never be a narrowing experience, for man is exploring infinity in the process.  The whole man is employed, and the greatest powers of mind and soul will never reach the limits of its horizon..."
click HERE for complete text