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  Christmas-- Disneyland
  Dec 2016 - a few of us go every year.
If you're interested in coming along, let us know and we'll
add you to our planning emails.
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  The election slate for 2017 has been voted into office.

View the VCAA Board Directors and Job Descriptions at the Leadership page.

Legal and Financial

  Coppola, Maconville, Coppola, Hockenberg, & Scalise, P.C., employed on an as-needed basis
  Fogg, Nims & Co., LLP, employed on an as-needed basis
  Investment/Money Management
  Agnew Mokosak Group, management of Scholarship Endowment funds
  Updated 05/12/2010: Read the Bylaws
  University of Iowa has the transcripts for the Vennard and the associated colleges. Details on the Education page.
  2017 Budget
  Accountant $1,000.00
Attorney 1000.00
Investment Firm 1500.00
Mailings 450.00
Meeting Expenses 1500.00
Postage 35.00
Scholarships 2500.00
Tax 44.00
Website 1500.00

TOTAL $9,529.00
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In the days when we the college published an alumni magazine, we had a page recognizing donations made"In Memory Of" and "In Honor Of." We are reinstating that tradition. When you donate to the VCAA, you can choose to make that donation in memory of someone who has passed or in honor of someone's life and service.

The Donate page has information on how to designate your donation.

Dove & Triangle Pins:


Dove & Triangle Pins:
We have a few Dove & Triangle pins available. If you need a replacement for the pin you received from the college, and would like pricing information, email us as

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