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  Video Reunions
  In October we helped organize our first video reunion for residents of Southview.

If there is a group of friends you’d like to connect with, we can help you set up a video reunion.  We'll get the word out and help set a date. We can send you the how-to steps, or if you want we'll join the meeting to get it started.

  Email us at Southview Reunion
at the Reunions page

  Alumni Gatherings  
  We have photos of previous alumni gatherings at our Reunions page.

  If you are a Facebook member, you'll want to visit the Vennard Alumni page.
  As well as updating this site, we also post events and information at the Facebook page.
  Vennard Alumni at Facebook  

Alumni Email Addresses
  Find your college friends and get back in touch.
Email addresses are listed at the password-protected Alumni Contact page.

Contact us at

  • for the username and password to view the email addresses
  • to let us know your email address has changed
  • to have us contact a friend to find out if they would like to be on the list

In Memory
  We remember our friends and family who have gone on ahead of us, on the In Memory page.