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thoughts from Dr. Robert Morris...
My beloved Margie is in heaven with Jesus, and with all the saints of all the ages. What we know about that magnificent place known as "heaven" is available only from the one Book God has given, the Bible, His Word. What do we know about those who have won the race and the victor's crown and have come to the mansions fair? Just read 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 and you have the answer. But I want to share the following from my heart.

Hidden in the tucks and folds of the hills and valleys of the earth are millions of cemeteries wherein lie the bodies of the saints of all the ages. But when the golden trumpet of immortality sends eternal vibrations into every Christian grave, the atoms and molecules of dust that make up these temporal bodies will pulsate with life, and we shall be raised to that glorious inheritance that does not fade nor tarnish with the passing of time, reserved in heaven for all of us who are being preserved blameless by the power of God.

There in the land of fadeless day, when all God's children come together before God, we will be presented faultless before the throne of His eternal glory, and behold the Lamb of God Who was slain from the foundation of the world, and who now sits on the throne of God forever and ever.

In the land where there is no need of sun or moon or stars, the redeemed of all the ages will gather up the honors of this world, the eulogies and certificates, the plaques and trophies, and lay them at the feet of Him Whose honor was a crown fashioned of cruel thorns.

The saints of all time will bring together the powers of all the kings and queens, emperors and czars, presidents and monarchs, tyrants and dictators, and cast them before the King of kings and Lord of lords. All those who are now in heaven exalting the Lamb of God in His eternal resurrected glory, and all whose names are in the Lamb's Book of Life and yet walk the dusty trails of this world's sorrows and heartaches, will join together to bring the verdicts and the edicts; the mandates and the laws of all the parliaments and congresses of all the nations of all time, and place them before the One Who alone has the authority to command the hearts of human kind.

In the land of fadeless day, where there is no night, no tears, no pain, no sorrow, no heartache, no grief, no hunger, no thirst, no fear and no death, from every nation, tribe, and tongue, from every village, hamlet, and city, from every forest and plain, from every island and desert, from every mountain and valley, the saints of all the ages will join together and blend their voices in the song reserved for the only One worthy to receive the honor, and glory, and praise.

"Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain, and has redeemed us to God by His blood, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing!"
(From Revelation 5:9, 12, and 13)

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